Monday, February 8, 2010


No, I'm not becoming a woman. Though that would probably be easier than moving from New York to California and then back to New York, all in a span of two years.

I promise this won't be a bitch-fest, an endless "woe-is-me" laundry list of the challenges and difficulties I'm facing right now. Because I know in my heart that all will be well eventually. It's just situational stuff -- stuff that I fully expected I'd have to deal with in returning to NYC and starting over again. Talk to me in six months, and I'll be fine. But I just wish I could fast-forward to then, because this part suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

Suffice it to say: I need to start making money. And soon. And by "soon" I mean "now." If you're reading this and you can offer job assistance of any kind, I'm all ears. And don't think, "Well, this isn't something Adam would be interested in." Try me. Because I'd do just about anything for money right now. Anything. (Cue the bow-chick-a-bow-bow music...)

If you're not gay, you shouldn't recognize this man.
I'm just sayin'.

OK, one more woe-is-me: I'm kind of lonely. Which is not the same as being alone. I have been spending a lot of time with my wonderful NYC friends and my wonderful new roommate, and all the comics I've seen at various shows here have been incredibly sweet in welcoming me back. It's just... I'm single again for the first time in two years, and I think it's finally hitting me. It feels like something's been amputated -- like I'm missing some essential part of me. This, too, gets easier with time; I know that. Again: I just wish I could hit the fast-forward button.

Enough with the self-pity; I can feel you all tuning out. Here's some happy stuff:

I love performing again in NYC. No disrespect to San Diego (or anywhere else), but being away for so long, I forgot just how stunningly talented comics are here. It really makes me want to step up my game.

It was thrilling to be back at Danny's Upstairs in Hoboken last Thursday -- just to be part of such a stellar lineup. Rich Carucci hosted, and also on the show were Sheba Mason, Mike Gaffney, Craig Loydgren, headliner Al Lubel, and my dear friend Robin Fox.

After the show, my sister, Laura, who had driven in from the 'burbs with a group of her friends commented on how surprised she was that each and every one of us had had a great set -- that there were no weak links. And it was true. (Believe me, Laura doesn't blow smoke.)

Here's a quick excerpt from my set:


I actually have a bunch of other fun shows coming up, beginning with an hour-long solo show at Vlada tomorrow! (What? Shut the fuck up! I will not.) If you're in the NYC area, come see me at one or all of these!

Tuesday, February 9th at 10:00pm
Adam Sank: I'm With Cupid at Vlada
331 West 51st Street
New York, NY

(This Valentines-themed show is brought to you by the new gay dating web site,

Saturday, February 13th at 8:00pm
"Hebrews & Shebrews"
Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael
60 Temple Drive
Springfield, NJ

(Hosting my first synagogue show in two years! Oy, veh!)

Sunday, February 14th at 6:00pm
Primetime Comedy Club
960 Route 9 South
Sayreville, NJ

(I'll be opening for the amazingly talented Karith Foster at this massive Central Jersey club.)

Sunday, February 21 at 6:30pm
"Clutch the Pearls"
Laugh Lounge
151 Essex Street
New York, NY

(A new gay showcase hosted by Chanelle Futrell and gay teddy bear Tom Ragu.)

Sunday, February 28th at 10:00pm
Electro Shock Therapy Comedy Hour
348 West 52nd Street
New York, NY

(My old stomping ground, now hosted by the always-sweaty Brad Loekle.)

Monday, March 1st at 7:00pm
The Tom Ragu Comedy Revue at Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
New York, NY

(I'm headlining this show, which is hosted once again by my dear friend, Tom Ragu.)

Wednesday, March 3rd at 8:30pm
Homo Comicus at Gotham Comedy Club
208 West 23rd Street
New York, NY

(The longest-running gay and lesbian comedy show in NYC, featuring the best of the best.)

Saturday, April 10th at 8:30pm
Bait & Swish at Cabanas on the Beach
429 Beach Avenue
Cape May, NJ

(The annual fundraiser for GABLES, I hosted it two years ago and am thrilled to be back as host again this year.)

A soup├žon more of self-promotion:

I have launched a new blog! It's called "Ask a Homo," and it offers free advice about love, sex, dating, etiquette and anything else you've ever wanted to ask a gay guy but were afraid to ask. Please check it out here and submit your queeries now! (I also welcome your honest feedback.)

Tomorrow I'll be Karith Foster's "Gay of the Day" on her daily shocast, "America's Girlfriend." Tune in to watch and listen at

And FINALLY... anyone in the NYC area want to buy a truly fabulous car?

It's my beloved Toyota Yaris, Rhoda. And before you turn your nose up and snicker at my little car, may I remind you that the Yaris was NEVER included in Toyota's gas-pedal recall and is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY SAFE!!! (If you doubt me, you can check out Toyota's own recall list. Rhoda and her fellow Yari ain't on it, bitches!)

Here are the details:

Immaculate, in perfect condition, 2008 Toyota Yaris four-door sedan, for sale by private owner.

Mileage: 48,635

MPG: 29 City/35 Highway (Edmunds Rating)
Dual Front Air Bags
New Tires
Air conditioning/Heater with Rear Defrost
Tilt wheel
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
AM/FM Stereo
CD Player
MP3 Audio Jack
Removable TomTom GPS Navigation System
Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Receiver with One-Year Subscription Included

Looks, smells and drives like new. Clean title and history. Owner purchased car from certified-pre-owned Toyota dealership, recently moved from California and needs to sell car immediately before moving into Manhattan.


Great, dependable, safe, easy-to-drive car. Wonderfully fuel-efficient and perfect for a young driver or a second family car.

Cash or certified check in full only, no financing. Please email me to see and test-drive car. 

She's fabulous!

That's all for now!

Homo in transition.